Monday, April 30, 2007

Cupcake bouquet

Cupcake bouquet
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Keep any party simple by creating a cupcake bouquet. Staple together styrofoam cups into the shape of a circle and top each with a cupcake.

Ballpark Food

$1 Dogs, Nachos and a big Coke
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What else are you gonna serve at a baseball party. Hotdogs, nachos, and a soda. Serve them in a box for a true reminder of how you eat at the park. Give the kids some sunflower seeds or peanuts in the shell. They'll love it, if they actually sit down to eat! Forget the kids and have this kind of party for a family BBQ or reunion.

The perfect game for any summer party!

Images From BBQ Today
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When you have a baseball party, you have to play baseball. Play wiffleball to have the most fun. Even adult like to play wiffleball. No one should get hurt either, unless they get clobbered by the bat.

Wiffleball Sets for Party Gifts!

3.10.07: Spring training.
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Here is another great idea for a party gift. Each kid can take home a bat and ball. This is the kind of baseball game everyone can play in their back yard. They don't have to worry about breaking windows with this set.

Baseball as a party favor

Baseball is Back!
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Give your guests a baseball to take home. Let the birthday kid sign each ball so your guests will always remember where they got it. Everyone will love having a new ball and you can always use an extra ball at everyone's house. Especially when dad is pitching to the kids for batting practice.

Baseball cake

Baseball cake
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Wouldn't this be a great cake for a little boy this summer! This cake looks like it may be coconut flakes, but you can do the same affect with icing and a tip for making grass. Maybe use cookie crumbs for the dirt, and powdered sugar for the lines on top of the dirts. That would have to be a last minute addition, since I think it would easily get blown away.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Rainbow Jello Mold

Rainbow Jello Mold
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Wouldn't this be a neat conversation peice at your party!

Don't Forget the Gold at the End of the Rainbow!

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Remember to put a bucket full of gold coins at each place setting for your guests to take home. You can buy little plastic buckets at toy stores or tin pails at craft stores.


Balloon Rainbow 1
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Don't forget your balloons at your next birthday party.

Rainbow Mini Cupcakes

Keep a party simple and serve cupcakes instead of a cake. These adorable mini cupcakes are easy to serve at a childs party.

M&Ms for a Fun Centerpiece

MEM's M&Ms
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What a great idea for centerpieces at a rainbow party. Let the kids divide up a three pound bag into small bowls and place on your table.