Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Party is in One Week!!!

This post will be completely for everyone's entertainment. We are having a party for my son a week from Sunday. The catch? We are not living in the house yet. The hardwood floor is not finished, the countertops are not even in yet, there are no appliances, we got the wrong faucets for the bathrooms, I still need to finish painting a few rooms, the doors and trim come today, and the carpet is not in because they had a manufacturers problem at the warehouse.

You may wonder why we are having a party if the house is not done yet. We moved our kids to a new school and new town and promised our oldest he could have a birthday party at the house to show his friends his new home. When you make your kids switch schools, you can't let them down for the only thing they have really asked for. This isn't our first home, and the last time we didn't have any countertops for 2 weeks, which meant no sinks!! Is this a big deal? Not really.

We seem to work well under pressure. Did I mention we are building the house ourselves. We spend almost every night at the house until about 10:00 p.m. or later with the kids. They have helped when they can, but mainly they are here to have fun. We spend 4 nights a week at baseball games and this weekend when we will be moving, we will be attending a tournament off and on.

A look on the good side. The place we are renting right now, just blew out the air conditioner and it's going to reach 90 degrees tomorrow. We haven't decided what we will do about the sleeping arrangements, but even if we only move 2 beds in and all the other furniture for a week, I can live with that.

Tonight I will take pictures of the house and what stage we are at. So, for the next week, follow me on our journey through the joys of moving in and setting up the party.

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