Friday, June 15, 2007

The Party is in A week - Update!

We are getting closer to moving into our house. Today my husband finished the hardwood floor and started to put in doors, two to be exact. The plumbers finished one bathroom, so we have everything we really need.

Bad news, the countertops are delayed another week, but should arrive thursday. No kitchen sink until then. The carpeting was rejected because of dye issues. Hopefully that will come in this week, but probably not with our luck lately.

Good news, the double oven and microwave will be installed monday. That part of the cabinets are ready to go. My good news list seems to be very short.

So, with a week to go, we have to move in, get the counters set, install kitchen sink, pray for carpet, put in doors, finish tub surround, and finish painting. Not to forget, clean the house, make a cake, make food, get prizes, and set up for a party.

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